Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is is a connectivity portal that brings music producers and artist closer to their fans and listeners with a "win win" music sharing and purchasing model. You want Music and a Easy Playlist?!! You have talent and you want to be Discovered?!!!You want to GO LIVE to millions around the world?!!! For Record Labels, Artist and Users you want millions to Hear and Buy your Music or Product, get Paid Instantly, and keep all of your Percentages?

2) How Does work? a) users can go to, share, create an easy playlist, listen to music, watch video, watch television series or movies all day, anywhere through any of the Sytecee formats which are:
Sytecee .com website, mobile site or Sytecee app's for Android and IOS.
b) users can Go Live and share to millions through Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter etc. and promote their music or product, or just have fun being live with family and friends.
c) users can upload their talent video's on for the talent seekers in all areas such as music, sports, dancing, etc.
d) users can purchase the recently released hottest songs or videos, where their songs will be saved to their personal library, forever.
e) Record Labels, Artist or Users can upload their music or videos to with the confidence that their is no middle man, music will not be stolen, 100% of all sales will go directly to their Paypal account instantly, (No Delay On Payments)
f) Record Labels and Artist can choose and upload their music or videos to any store's Sytecee Listening Station where they want their music to be sampled and purchased.

3) Do Record Labels or Artist have to sign a contract with No. is just the portal to get your product to millions of potential buyers and listeners, you only sign a release form that states you are the owner of the song, video or product.

4) What is Listening Stations? listening stations are a patented system that will change the world from cd's, to our digital streaming method. Sytecee Listening Stations will be in all type of stores and venues such as Wal-Marts, Targets, Best Buy's, Mom & Pop stores, Urban Clothing stores, Mall Kiosk's, 7-11's, etc. Record Labels and Artist can choose where they want their music to be sampled and purchased. Example Record Labels or Artist can upload their music, then choose what stores, what states or what cities they want their music to be displayed. Record Labels and Artist will then pay the fee ($3 to $5) directly to that store for their music to be displayed in that store's Sytecee Listening Station. Thousands of listeners who frequently shop in these stores or venues will be able to put the Sytecee Listening Station earphones on and see and hear the latest music or videos that has been released or is coming out soon and be able to purchase that song instantly by simply signing into their Sytecee account or creating one in less then 1 minute. Music that is purchased will be saved into that users personal library.

5) How is the stores, record labels, artist and profitable in this system? is like a windmill that turns and supplies itself, Example The record labels, artist and stores pay a monthly fee, the record labels and artist pay the store's a fee, and the user of pays the record labels and artist for purchasing their music or video, all payments are instant, through Paypal.

6) How is different than the competition like I-Tunes and Spotify? is a streaming system which means no music is downloaded so therefore no music can be stolen, also the Sytecee system does not pay the artist royalties or take percentages, artist receive 100% of their sales, instantly through their Paypal account, the Sytecee system as well gives the users more formats to listen to their music such as through the Website, Mobile Site and Sytecee App's. The Sytecee system is setup to get music and video's from the record labels and artist first because they make more money and theft of their music is practically at zero. is a system that puts more money instantly in the pockets of the artist which means the music world will make more music with a variety of more music returning to listeners.

7) Why would record labels,artist or user want to use For Users a) Get music and videos first.
b) Get a variety of music first. For Record Labels and Artist a) Go Live to Millions of people.
b) Promote your song video or product, While Live
c) Check Your Account for Revenue Earned, While Live. WOW!!!!

8) Where else will we see will be In every automobile and television with Wi-Fi, so that drivers, passengers and television owners can choose a song or video to purchase or just enjoy their personal library of music.